Don’t (heart) the devil

Why do you (heart) the Devil?

OK, every now and then we need something funny in life. What’s life without laughing? So please go right away and read Justin Lee’s post What’s My Sign. Favorites (or rather, favorite’s)

  • “I thought this was some kind of ad campaign, like “Why do YOU love Hamburger Helper?”, to be followed by a list of reasons to heart the devil. Apparently not.”
  • “And while those devil-hearting people might complain that the apostrophes on this sign are “unnecessary” or “wrong,” that’s only because they love details, and as we all know, the devil is in the details.”
  • “ENVIRONMENTALIST’S – That’s right: when you hug that tree, you might as well be hugging the devil. The devil loves hanging out in trees, you know; remember Eden? (The garden. Not Barbara.)”
  • “P.K’S – I wasn’t sure at first if this meant “Promise Keepers” or “Preachers’ Kids” (both of whom clearly love the devil), but then it hit me. PKS actually means Proper Kapitalization and Spelling, which is something the devil definitely LOVES. Stay out of skool, kid’s.”

OK to read the rest you really have to go to Justin’s blog. Its worth it’.

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