Common Thread


  • a retired computer programmer with a generous spirit
  • a passionate child-services lawyer
  • a deep-thinking and kind-hearted convert to Catholicism
  • a frequently-horny pharmaceutical sales rep
  • an award-winning business professional living in another country
  • a former pastor striving to save his marriage
  • a warm-hearted Montessori teacher
  • a college professor and language researcher
  • a poet blogger
  • a straight man who advocates for LGBTQ rights
  • a wife and mother who loves to make people laugh
  • a liberal gay atheist
  • a reflective Christian
  • a 40-something Texan teacher and writer
  • a movie fanatic living in Pakistan
  • YOU

Need some hints? Some of them are women, and some men. Some are gay, some straight. Muslims, Catholics, Atheists, and Protestants. Ranging in age from 20 to 70. Living in the US, Pakistan, Romania, Canada, Ireland, and a Caribbean Island.

Still don’t know? The answer is this: these are all people I’ve met since beginning my second coming-out journey 20 months ago, mostly through this blog and other online forums, but some in person as well. They are people who have helped me see things in new ways.

Thank you to all of you for your insights, your support, your advice, and your friendship. I can’t imagine having lived through the past 20 months without you.


  1. You, my blogging friend, are pretty awesome in your own right! your posts have helped me tremendously…more than you will most likely ever know. My own journey began about the same time as your second journey. If I hadn’t have found your blog at that time, it’s hard telling what my life would look like.

    Thank You!! ☺️


  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts and reading about your journey. Your words are extremely thought provoking and motivational. I grew up as a Christian (still am) but had always heard people talk about homosexuality as a negative thing, so when I realized I was attracted to women (at a young age) it was like a rug had been pulled from out under me. Again, your words are motivational and I hope that one day I too can share with the people in my life, and try to make sense of things going forward. Love your blog!


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