“It Gets Better” (for people who hate gays, apparently)

SpeakTrueHateBy now you may have seen the pathetic anti-gay PSA put out by Catholic Vote. Mixing elements of style from It Gets Better videos and coming out stories, it leads you the audience to think that the people portrayed are victims of prejudice and hatred, when in fact they are privileged straight conservatives who are “afraid” that they will be judged for their intolerant attitudes.

“Oh boo hoo! It’s so hard to be me! I feel like I can’t be my authentic self without people looking down on me!”

Damn right! You can’t! Imagine if they made the same sort of video complaining “I feel like I can’t advocate for white supremacy without people looking down on me!” I really have a hard time taking this seriously! The only productive response, i think, is to ridicule the ad to show just how stupid it is. So here you go!


  1. I think the video from the Catholic vote is disturbing in its attempt at painting their ‘plight’ at being treated as outcasts. They have no claim to this.

    Bravo to those who created the alternate video .


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