Manipulating people through Fear

Manip through FearI generally ignore the propaganda of the religious right – I could never hope keep up with conspiracy theories and persecution complexes.  But for whatever reason, this recent piece by David French at National Review just pushed my buttons. Let’s start with the title:

insurance iffyThe headline seems to suggest that insurance companies are threatening to cancel the insurance of churches that refuse to perform same-sex weddings. The article starts right out:

In the aftermath of Obergefell v. Hodges, pastors and church members are experiencing a wave of anxiety over what many of them deem the “nightmare scenario”: lawsuits or government action designed to force them to perform or recognize same-sex marriages. (Read more at National Review)

For readers who already believe that churches are going to be forced to perform same-sex weddings, the article is full “confirmation” of their worst fears. But at the core, what is it that French is actually reporting?

General liability insurance only covers circumstances like bodily injury or property damage. General liability insurance would not be applicable for a civil rights lawsuit. But other coverages are available that could be applied in such cases.

Seriously?! The entire article is based on the observation that liability insurance doesn’t cover civil rights violations? That’s it? Well here’s another news flash! The pastor’s auto insurance policy won’t cover when a church member gets sick! Trip-cancellation insurance won’t cover a house fire! So based on that, there must be a leftist conspiracy to infect every God-fearing American with the flu and then burn down their houses while they are bed ridden! Seems logical, right?


  1. As Trevor said above, fear sells. It helps move people beyond the facts and into whatever theory the conspirators want to do push. Once people see the facts they have trouble processing it due to whatever emotions have been preyed on. Hugs

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